Welcome to Scalable Energy-Efficient Computing Laboratory (SCALE)

Dear Visitor:

Welcome to our group's website! Our research projects focus on advancing the scalability of computing chips and systems by making them more energy efficient. Current projects include: (1) emerging computing paradigms, including molecular informatics and approximate computing; (2) energy-efficient processing for embedded deep learning, biometric security, computer vision and augmented reality systems; (3) thermal/power modeling and management for mobile SoC and emerging cooling devices; and (4) power/thermal management for cloud computing clusters. We have useful material available for download including lecture notes, publications, software tools and research data. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

E-mail: sherief_reda (at) brown (dot) edu. Tel: 401-863-1455. Lab: 401-863-9467. Fax: 401-863-9039. Address: 184 Hope St, Providence, RI 02912.

Positions available for postdocs, PhD students and internships

Recent News:

  • 2018/06: New NSF award from SHF program
  • 2018/06: Two new DARPA awards from POSH and IDEA programs.
  • 2018/05: Congratulations for Dr. Reza Azimi for successfully defending his PhD thesis.
  • 2018/05: Congratulations for Dr. Soheil Hashemi for successfully defending his PhD thesis.
  • 2018/01: New grant from DARPA molecular informatics program.

Recent Publications:

  • DATE 2018: Approximate Computing for Biometric Security Systems: A Case Study on Iris Scanning
  • DATE 2018: QoR-Aware Power Capping for Approximate Big Data Processing
  • Sensors J: Blind Identification of Thermal Models and Power Sources from Thermal Measurements
  • ICCAD 2017: LACore: A Supercomputing-Like Linear Algebra Accelerator for SoC-Based Designs
  • Nature: 3D Integration Advances Computing