Welcome to Scalable Energy-Efficient Computing Laboratory (SCALE)

SCALE is a member of the LEMS network of laboratories.


Dear Visitor:

Welcome to our group's website! Our research projects focus on advancing the scalability of computing chips and systems by making them more energy efficient. Current projects include: (1) energy-efficient adaptive system management for servers; (2) thermal/power sensing, modeling and management for multi-core heterogeneous processors; and (3) low-power approximate and custom computing. We have useful material available for download including lecture notes, publications, software tools and research data. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Professor Sherief Reda (E-mail: sherief_reda (at) brown (dot) edu)

Recent News:

  • 2017/01: Prof. Reda named a trailblazer innovator by Providence Journal.
  • 2016/12: Lab receives RI innovation grant.
  • 2016/06: Kapil successfully defends his PhD thesis.
  • 2016/04: Shuchen successfully completes her ScM thesis.
  • 2016/02: Prof. Reda co-receives with Prof. Belouchrani a fellowship from National Academy of Sciences

Recent Publications:

  • DATE 2017: Blind Identification of Power Sources in Multicore Processors
  • DATE 2017:Understanding the Impact of Precision Quantization on the Accuracy and Energy of Neural Networks
  • HPCA 2017:Fast Decentralized Power Capping for Server Clusters
  • CAL 2016: CARB: A C-State Power Management Arbiter For Latency-Critical Workloads
  • DAC 2016: A Low-Power Dynamic Divider for Approximate Applications

Contact info:

184 Hope St, Providence, RI 02912.
Tel: 401-863-1455, Lab: 401-863-9467, Fax: 401-863-9039
Email: sherief_reda brown edu