Supervised Theses

Energy-Efficiency Optimization Techniques for Computing Clusters: Exploiting the Heterogeneities

XIn Zhan
Ph.D. thesis
August 2017

Revisiting the Case of ARM SoCs in High-Performance Computing Clusters

Tyler Fox
B.S. Honors thesis
May 2017

LACore: A Large-Format Vector Accelerator for Linear Algebra Applications

Sam Steffl
B.S. Honors thesis
May 2017

New Techniques for Power-Efficient CPU-GPU Processors

Kapil Dev
PhD thesis
July 2016

Maximizing the performance of Parallel Applications on Heterogeneous CPU-FPGA System

Shuchen Zheng
Sc.M. thesis
April 2016

New Directions for Design-Space Exploration of Low-Power Hardware Accelerators

Kumud Nepal
PhD thesis (co-advised with R. I. Bahar)
Feb 2015

Power Mapping of Computing Devices: Fundamentals and Applications

Nowroz Abdullah
Ph.D. thesis
July 2013

Dynamic Thermal Management for Processors Using Thermoelectric Coolers

Sriram Jayakumar
Undergraduate Honors Thesis
May 2013

Techniques for Adaptive Power and Thermal Sensing and Management of Multi-core Processors

Ryan Cochran
Ph.D. thesis
July 2012

Soft Power Capping for Improved Performance of Computing Systems

Natalie Serrino
Undergraduate Honors Thesis
May 2012

Thermal Measurements and Characterizations of Real Processors

Shi-Qing Poh
Undergraduate Honors Thesis
May 2010

Performance Driven Frequency/Voltage Planning of Multi-Core Processors with Thermal Constraints

Michael Kadin
Undergraduate Honors Thesis
May 2008

FPGA Based Hardware Acceleration: A Case Study in Protein Identification

Aaron Mandle
Undergraduate Honors Thesis
May 2008

Design of a Shared Hardware Library for Multi-Core Environments in FPGA Fabrics

David Meisner
Undergraduate Honors Thesis
May 2007