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EN2912C - Fall '08: Future Directions in Computing


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Please make sure to submit your paper summaries before the due date day, and make sure to submit your HWs through this link.

Go to reading assignment submission form

General Guidlines for your paper. Please make sure that you carry out the following mental tasks when you review the papers.

  • Understand the main motivation, context and goals of the paper;
  • Understand the research "components" that are described in the paper;
  • Understand the experimental methodology carried on the paper;
  • Criticize the paper thoroughly. For example, you should ask yourself many questions, including possibly the following:
    • Are the main goals of the paper the right ones to seek?
    • Should we seek other goals (more general or specific)?
    • Are there any better techniques to achieve the same goals?
    • Can the proposed techniques in the paper be generalized or applied to other problems?
    • Did the author assume or forget some assumptions that can impact their work?
    • Are the experimental results significant and possible to duplicate?
    • How can this paper be of benefit in a real-life application-driven setting?