Tool Description
BACS Benchmark set for approximate circuits
OpenPhySyn An EDA tool for physical synthesis to optimize timing
DRiLLS Reinforcement learning agent for logic synthesis optimization
BLASYS An approximate logic synthesis tool
FCNIris A tool for iris recognition based on fully-convolutional neural networks
ABACUS A tool for high-level synthesis of approximate circuits
PVTSensors A design package for process, voltage and thermal sensors
DRUM A design package for approximate multipliers
BPI A tool for bliond power identification from thermal sensor measurements
LACore Simulation/Compilation tool chain for a linear algebra RISC-V accelerator
clusterSoCBench A set of benchmarks to stress GPGPU accelerated cluster of ARM SoCs
CAB power capping resource manager for big data processing
DPC Decentralized Power Capping tool for a cluster of servers
MTS Match Twice & Stitch tool for Traveling Salesman Problem